Versatile Blogger & Blogger Recognition Awards

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote a blog for the site; if you haven’t heard – I was busy writing a book!

I’ve been pondering, deliberating and umm-ing and ahh-ing about what to write about next considering I covered a lot of topics in both this blog and the book and then up popped a notification from CarlVersusLife to let me know I have been nominated for another award; the Blogger Recognition Award. It reminded me that I hadn’t blogged about the Versatile Blogger Award I received back in December (sorry!) so I thought I would combine the two into one big self-indulgent award post – Enjoy! Continue reading “Versatile Blogger & Blogger Recognition Awards”


Breaking The Silence: Live

The Channel 4 documentary Breaking The Silence: Live which aired this evening at 8pm proved to be emotional viewing, especially for me, having gone through the same experience early last year. 

I identified with so much of what the patients talked about, not only about their medical diagnosis, but with their feelings of isolation, loss of character and confidence and deteriation of their relationships with loved ones. 

Feeling left out from social situations has a massive effect on your self confidence and character, it takes away your feeling of worth and makes you feel as if you have no positive contribution to make to society. No person should have to feel like this.

Several patients said “I just want to hear him/her/my family” and it broke my heart. It is exactly what I said during my own activation. The look on their faces and their wide beaming smiles when they were switched on and they could hear voices was just incredible. 

It was their miracle. 

There was a common consensus that hearing your own voice on activation is a weird thing, and I can testify to that. My own voice sounded so different to how I had imagined it and took longer to adjust to, now it just sounds “normal”.

Talking of how speech sounded, I too thought everyone sounded like a Chipmunk or a high pitched (but tinny), giggly schoolgirl and it gave me a lot of laughs for a few days!

The way the documentary explained cochlear implants was well handled, so many people do not understand exactly what it is despite several attempts to explain. By providing visual evidence as well as detailed verbal explanations, they managed to get the intricacies of the implant across and I’m sure it’ll be of much benefit to those going through the Cochlear Implant process or considering an implant, as well as removing or at least reducing the stigma attached to hearing loss, so kudos to channel 4 for that.

Looking at my Twitter feed, it has been positively received by all, both those with hearing impairments and those with “normal” hearing. Hopefully this will raise further awareness of hearing loss and the traumatic effects it can have on lives.

I only hope that the NICE criteria currently used in the UK to determine whether a patient is eligible is reviewed in light of this documentary. The criteria applied is too restrictive. The fact that only 5% of people in the UK that need an implant have recieved one speaks for itself.

Well done Channel 4, I’m so proud and priviledged to be one of the (approx) 11,000 people in the UK with a Cochlear Implant and I hope many, many more people continue to benefit from this amazing peice of technology.

As one twitter account stated, the NHS staff are our unsung heroes.


Audio Guides Abroad

As I’m sure most of you will be aware by now, I recently came back from a wonderful trip to beautiful Italy and whilst I adored the culture, food and plentiful Prosecco, I was left disappointed by the audio guide facilities or lack thereof for the hard of hearing/deaf. Continue reading “Audio Guides Abroad”

17 Things To Expect When You Get A Cochlear Implant

1) There will be a lot of tests before you are deemed ‘eligible’; There are MRI scans, CAT scans, speech perception tests, hearing tests and various other assessments you will have to go through before they can accurately assess you against the NICE criteria. Continue reading “17 Things To Expect When You Get A Cochlear Implant”

From Sudden Deafness To A Robot Ear

Whilst clearing out files and paperwork during my day job office move, I came across my 2014 diary and decided to reread the (traumatic) years events.

I had detailed every single GP/Audiology/Therapy/A&E appointments and assessments that I attended throughout 2014 and thought I would share with you the journey I went through to get to this point today. Continue reading “From Sudden Deafness To A Robot Ear”

An Experts View

Today’s post is a little different but one we think you will find extremely useful.

We recently asked audiologist Lindsey Banks over at Everyday Hearing some hearing loss related questions we think you would be interested to know about from an expert’s position. Continue reading “An Experts View”

Sunshine Blogger Award

I am delighted that The Invisible Disability and Me has been nominated for another award! This time we have been awarded the Sunshine Blogger Award by Dream Fly Discover. I am truly grateful for the award and to all of you who read my blog. P.s. I happen to love sunflowers too! Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award”

The Deaflympics

I’m sure you all have heard about the 2016 Rio Olympics (Well done Team GB, an incredible 67 medals!) and you will have seen all the amazing and inspiring advertisements surrounding the Paralympics which is due to start on 7th September 2016 but have you heard about the Deaflympics? Continue reading “The Deaflympics”

Why We Are Loving The Teeny Tiny Ditto


Adverb | uk /ˈdɪt.əʊ/ us /ˈdɪt̬.oʊ/

Used to agree with something that has just been said, or to avoid repeating something that has been said.


Noun | uk /ˈdɪt.əʊ/ us /ˈdɪt̬.oʊ/ also ditto mark

 A symbol “ that means “the same” and is used in a list to avoid writing again the word written immediately above it.

Or perhaps the Oxford Dictionary needs to update their definitions to include this teeny gadget designed by Simple Matters which vibrates to alert you to your calls, texts, app notifications or alarms. Continue reading “Why We Are Loving The Teeny Tiny Ditto”

The Perils of Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for not blogging much these past few weeks, life has been a bit hectic lately and it has been put to the back of my mind – I promise I didn’t forget about you lovely readers though. But enough of that and onto this week’s post…

This past week I have been reminded of just how much I rely on my cochlear implant. My husband occasionally works night shifts and I really don’t like these shifts, not for soppy reasons like I miss him (if he is reading this – I obviously do!!) but because I barely sleep a wink. Continue reading “The Perils of Hearing Loss & Tinnitus”