Breaking The Silence: Live

The Channel 4 documentary Breaking The Silence: Live which aired this evening at 8pm proved to be emotional viewing, especially for me, having gone through the same experience early last year. 

I identified with so much of what the patients talked about, not only about their medical diagnosis, but with their feelings of isolation, loss of character and confidence and deterioration of their relationships with loved ones.  Continue reading “Breaking The Silence: Live”

Recognising SSHL

Now I do not pretend to be a Doctor or to know everything about Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) but whilst I was off work for a long period after my diagnosis, I confess I did become a bit obsessed with learning about this particular type of hearing loss.

I know there are probably hundreds (if not thousands) of reasons and medical explanations as to why people develop a hearing loss and obviously it varies from person to person, but I wanted to focus on SSHL because it appears to be a lesser known condition and it is one that can be very sudden and dramatic, with no real known cause. Continue reading “Recognising SSHL”