Below is a list of Charities/Organisations I collaborate with and links to my most recent work for them.

If you would like me to pen a blog for you or work with you on other projects, please contact me on


I am a volunteer for Hearing Link UK, distributing literature where necessary as well as providing email advice and support to other individuals facing hearing loss or the Cochlear Implant process. I wrote an article along side Hearing Link for the Living With Disability Magazine in 2015 and also for their Hearing Matters magazine in 2016. You can find my blog on their website here;

RH.JPGI am a Guest Contributor for Restored Hearing and have been collaborating with them since 2015 providing regular posts and Tinnitus advice for their readers. My posts for Restored Hearing can be found here;


I was approached by Med-El and asked to pen a blog post on my personal experience with a Med-El cochlear implant and my journey, you can see my  post for Med-El here;

hwI guest blog for Hearing Wales (on a soon to be monthly basis). You can see my first post for them here;

My blog has also been featured 30(!) US websites under the headings “The Best Blogs on Hearing Loss” and “The Best Inspirational Hearing Loss Blogs”. You can the find links to my blog through the  websites here: