An Experts View

Today’s post is a little different but one we think you will find extremely useful.

We recently asked audiologist Lindsey Banks over at Everyday Hearing some hearing loss related questions we think you would be interested to know about from an expert’s position. Continue reading “An Experts View”

11 Myths and Facts About Cochlear Implants

My last post ‘6 Myths and Facts About Hearing Loss’ garnered a lot of interest from individuals with and without hearing loss. A lot of people were unaware of many of the facts uncovered and so I thought I would follow this up with a post on the common myths and facts about Cochlear Implants. Continue reading “11 Myths and Facts About Cochlear Implants”

Better Health Care Access For The Deaf Or Hearing Impaired

After submitting my last blog post to Restored Hearing, Chrissy Hughes the Community Manager for Restored Hearing and I engaged in a bit of email conversation as we usually do every month, catching up on things we have missed and any future plans for posts etc when the subject turned to contact accessibility for the Deaf/hearing impaired, in particular email access to vital health services. . Continue reading “Better Health Care Access For The Deaf Or Hearing Impaired”

My Hearing Loss Journey

I have always had a hearing loss as a result of contracting Rubella whilst in the womb, and have worn hearing aids since the age of 2.

Wearing hearing aids never adversely affected me in any way, shape or form. I was a happy and by all accounts, cheeky child. I attended mainstream primary and secondary schools and went on to obtain a Law Degree from University.

Yes, sometimes I felt self conscious about wearing them, and I mostly wore my hair down to cover them up but that was me being a typical girl not wanting to appear different to my peers. Continue reading “My Hearing Loss Journey”