From Sudden Deafness To A Robot Ear

Whilst clearing out files and paperwork during my day job office move, I came across my 2014 diary and decided to reread the (traumatic) years events.

I had detailed every single GP/Audiology/Therapy/A&E appointments and assessments that I attended throughout 2014 and thought I would share with you the journey I went through to get to this point today. Continue reading “From Sudden Deafness To A Robot Ear”

11 Myths and Facts About Cochlear Implants

My last post ‘6 Myths and Facts About Hearing Loss’ garnered a lot of interest from individuals with and without hearing loss. A lot of people were unaware of many of the facts uncovered and so I thought I would follow this up with a post on the common myths and facts about Cochlear Implants. Continue reading “11 Myths and Facts About Cochlear Implants”

The Big Switch On!

So January 14th 2015 is the day I tentatively rejoined the hearing world thanks to medical science.

I had deliberately kept my expectations of the implant low as advised by the audiologists to save any initial disappointment. The switch on is apparently the worst part of the whole process as some people are left disheartened by what little they can hear and the quality of sound – remember this is not natural hearing, it is electrical! Continue reading “The Big Switch On!”

Cochlear Implants

So I know I mentioned in my last post (Effects of Hearing Loss in case you haven’t caught up yet) that I would talk about handy tips and hints on how to improve communication for hearing impaired people and their family/friends, but I am going to deviate from my plan slightly as I have BIG (well, for me it is big anyway) news…

It has been confirmed that I will be having surgery for a Cochlear Implant on Thursday, as in 6 days away!! Continue reading “Cochlear Implants”