6 Myths And Facts About Hearing Loss

Whilst researching hearing loss in the early stages of my SSHL diagnosis, I came across a lot of myths about hearing loss out there so I thought it was time to debunk these and give you the facts. Continue reading “6 Myths And Facts About Hearing Loss”


Sorry, You’re What? Lip-reading Fails

Mishearing conversation is a regular occurrence for me and always has been, but after losing all of my hearing in my right ear I began mishearing words and sentences on a daily basis and the words became more and more obscure or just downright stupid. Reading lips is a LOT harder than you think it is. Continue reading “Sorry, You’re What? Lip-reading Fails”

Coping with Silence

It has been a while since I last updated this blog – simply because I don’t have anything new to talk about really, life has pretty much returned to normality since the implant for which I am truly grateful.

As you may already know I am currently volunteering with the fabulous charity Hearing Link UK and I was recently approached about being in contact with a lady whose mother has just had the CI operation, of course I agreed without hesitation. Continue reading “Coping with Silence”

Making Communication Easier

A few posts ago I mentioned I would write down some helpful tips on how to make communication easier for both the hearing impaired and those with normal hearing. It is important to realise that effective communication is a two-way street and each party has to make a conscious effect to engage in a conversation.

No matter what type of hearing loss you have, whether mild, severe or profound, or even if you do not have a hearing loss, these tips can help you in your every day life. Continue reading “Making Communication Easier”

The Effects of Hearing Loss

In my previous posts I talked about my personal experience with hearing loss and also on SSHL. Today I want to focus on the effects of hearing loss; on a person’s confidence, relationships and everyday life as well as the challenges that family and friends face in learning to communicate and support a deafened person.

Helen Keller is credited with noting that “Blindness cuts us off from things but deafness cuts us off from people”. This is incredibly accurate and is often unrecognised by those around us. Continue reading “The Effects of Hearing Loss”