Why We Are Loving The Teeny Tiny Ditto


Adverb | uk /ˈdɪt.əʊ/ us /ˈdɪt̬.oʊ/

Used to agree with something that has just been said, or to avoid repeating something that has been said.


Noun | uk /ˈdɪt.əʊ/ us /ˈdɪt̬.oʊ/ also ditto mark

 A symbol “ that means “the same” and is used in a list to avoid writing again the word written immediately above it.

Or perhaps the Oxford Dictionary needs to update their definitions to include this teeny gadget designed by Simple Matters which vibrates to alert you to your calls, texts, app notifications or alarms.

The Ditto is available to purchase from Simple Matters for the relatively small amount of $39.95 (£30.85 to us Brits) plus shipping ($12.95/£10 to the UK) and is available in 3 colours; Black, White or Clear. It comes with the wristband and a battery is also included in the price.

Little over two weeks ago I was contacted by Elliott at Simple Matters and was sent a (free) Ditto all the way from the US. At first I was sceptical. I mean there are a lot of gadgets out there that claim to do the exact same thing, so why would this be so special?

My first impressions were good and somewhat surprised. I expected quite a big package with a bulky gadget but was faced with a small, sleek and simple (I see what you guys did there) package and the teeniest little device along with a battery (extra points for including a free battery with the device, very rare these days), a free wristband (more bonus points) and a clear and concise Quick Start guide.




The set up was really easy and the fact that the app (compatible with i-Phones and Androids) was free to install was another tick in the box for Simple Matters; there is nothing more annoying than finding out you have to pay to install an app which is critical to the device working.


For the device to be able to notify you to your calls and texts, you do need to enable the Bluetooth function and pair the devices together. This is easily done and takes mere seconds, in fact the whole set up took me less than 5 minutes altogether. There is no need for any cables to connect the two devices and it really couldn’t be any easier to use.

Once the app is downloaded you can customise your ditto to alert you to phone calls, texts, emails, calendar, alarm or timer, other downloaded apps (i.e. whatsapp / facebook etc) and even alert you when you are untethered from your phone.


On each of these settings there are 7 different custom vibrations to choose from ranging from just one small buzz to 5 buzzes in a sequence. What I find to be great about this is that you can also set alerts for your “favourites” and if you have 7 favourites you can effectively set a different vibration for each person, therefore you will always know who is contacting you by the alert received, all without having to look at your phone!


As I mentioned earlier, the device came with a wristband so you can wear the ditto how you would wear a watch – this is how I have been wearing it and the vibration is excellent! The wristband is fully adjustable and the ditto gadget just clips on and is held securely in place so you do not have to worry about it falling off. If you wanted to make it more discreet, you can simply clip it onto an item of clothing or pop it in your pocket, the vibration isn’t compromised by using it in this way and it is ideal for those of you who wouldn’t want it on show.


Whenever the ditto is moved out of the Bluetooth range it alerts you so you are aware that you are no longer tethered to your device and therefore unable to receive ditto notifications. It’s a clever little warning as I often completely forget that there is a certain range where the Bluetooth can work. It also works as a reminder to not forget your phone as you rush out of the door – something I have done MANY times.

For the hearing impaired, I think this little device could be an excellent addition to your assistive equipment supplies, it could even replace some of the functions of current assistive equipment AND save space.

One of the functions that would be extremely handy is the alarm or timer notification. You can wear the ditto as a watch at night and be woken up in the morning by the vibrations on your wrist. It is a less intrusive way (and less shocking) of waking you up than the vibrating mat from the Bellman Paging System. You can also disable the notifications for other functions easily so you will not be disturbed during the night by emails or texts.

The beauty of the product is that your phone doesn’t need to be glued to your hand or permanently by your side for fear of missing a call/text or app notification as the Ditto will alert you to it in a subtler way. If you use the different notification settings, you can know exactly what the alert is for and from whom without even having to look at your mobile.

It would also be a great help in meetings, especially if you are waiting on an important phone call or text but do not wish to make it obvious or appear rude. Just clip on the ditto and when it alerts you to your all-important email/call/text, you can just slip out and deal with it. Job done.

All in all, would I recommend the ditto to a hearing impaired friend? Yes. Would I recommend it to a hearing friend? Yes.

It’s lightweight, compact, easy to use and so useful, especially for all those cakes I have to make! 🙂

Thanks Simple Matters.

For more information on the Ditto have a look at their website www.simplematters.com or follow them on Facebook; www.facebook.com/DittoWearable

2 thoughts on “Why We Are Loving The Teeny Tiny Ditto

  1. After reading your blog I ordered a Ditto. Sometimes my cell phone has to be in my purse where my hearing aids don’t pick up the ring. The Ditto solves that problem. Thanks for informing me!


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